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What makes a Tocino Fantastic?

Tocino has been a favorite breakfast fare in the Philippines since the Spanish era, because of its uniquely sweet, delectable taste that suited Filipinos' preference. Over the years, different versions of tocino have found their way in the local market, offering different twists in taste and quality. CDO-Foodsphere Inc. has upped the ante, and has found a way to make this local favorite sweeter, more delicious and more special than ever before.

With Funtastyk Tocino, CDO has set a new standard in making Tocinos – YOUNG PORK! With the use of young pork material, which is naturally more sweet and tender, CDO Funtastyk has made our favorite Tocino more juicy and flavorful - Funtastic! Also, because young pork is already tender, there’s no more need to boil the product, providing greater convenience to consumers. In fact, young pork tocinos can be fried straight from the pack. That is why Filipino families, especially the kids, find the CDO Funtastyk Young Tocino truly special in taste and quality. Young and masarap, Young ang Funtastyk!

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