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CDO Sari-Saring Delata Promo, Pakiskis at Manalo ng Sari-Sari Cab! Promo Winner Wants to Become Entrepreneur!

A 30-year-old former government employee won the first of the 15 multicabs being given away by CDO-Foodsphere Inc, to the Filipino consumers as part of its "CDO Sari-Saring Delata Promo, Pakiskis at Manalo ng Sari-Sari Cab."

Edwin de Leon of Barangay Bagbag in Novaliches, Quezon City said he did not expect that he would win a multicab in the promotion of the canned meat manufacturer. On September 25, 2006, De Leon and his wife Rosalina bought a pack of CDO Sari-Sari Delata promo pack from a supermarket in Quezon City. Each pack contains four CDO canned products, namely, Karne Norte, Meat Loaf, Liver Spread and Chunkisado.

De Leon said that upon reaching home, their eldest daughter opened the promo pack and immediately grabbed the "scratch and win" card. They could not believe their luck when three identical images showed from scratching the card, would entitle them to a highly functional multicab. "Of course I was surprised and felt very happy, De Leon said in bilingual. A week after CDO executives personally delivered the multicab to any home." "I will use the multicab for a buy-and-sell business," said the first winner of the said promo

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