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Bibbo! Cheesedog School Tour

A hundred public and private schools in NCR were visited for the 1st ever Bibbo! School Tour. The school tour campaign was successfully concluded last December 9, 2005 with a total outreach of almost 50,000 school children. In this activity, the students experienced learning while having fun. Each event was consisted of lecture discussion about the health benefits of Inu-fiber with a credible pediatrician as a host and with the help of puppets Bi and Bo. Mascots Bibbo and Bibba and the pediatrician conducted interactive games like puzzle, dance and cheesedog eating contest with the school's Bibbo! students.

With this, the students not only were able to taste the new CDO Bibbo! Cheesedog but they were able to experience the brand in its totality that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

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