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Holiday Cheesedog Footlong Challenged The PBB Teen Housemates

Last May 2006, Holiday Cheesedog Footlong Challenged the PBB Teen Housemates. Each housemate was given a choice whether they want to share or not share their Holiday Cheesedog Footlong. Those that chose to eat it alone had enjoyed eating a whole one-foot-long cheesedog and had a chance to win a prize - a Holiday Cheesedog pillow.

The other housemates that chose to share their Holiday Cheesedog Footlong were asked to go to a booth that has a wall in the middle with a small opening. At the opening, each of the housemates found half of their Holiday Cheesedog Footlong (the other half of the cheesedog was at the opening on the other side of the booth). Big Brother then asked them to eat their cheesedog. The housemates were not aware that the people at the other side of their booth that were eating the other half of the Holiday Cheesedog Footlong were their best friends. When they reached the middle of the cheesedog the housemates saw their best friends.

With this challenge, the housemates experienced the fun of sharing and not sharing their Holiday Cheesedog Footlong. The housemates that decided not to share and eat the cheesedog alone had a full stomach while the others that shared were also very satisfied because of the joy they felt in seeing their best friends.

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