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CDO Liver Spread Alam Na Alam Hanap Ni MOM Txt Promo Ka- Toque Lutong Barkada Show MAY 24, 2007

The much awaited Grand Draw of "CDO Liver Spread Alam na Alam Hanap Ni MoM Txt Promo" is finally drawn last October 13, 2006 at the GMA 7 NMI Dept. As a result, a Valenzuelan luckily got the grand prize of P 50,000 cash and a kitchenware showcase. She is Ms. Remielou P. Diwa, 27 years of age. She resides at No. 3 Filomena St. Balubaran Malinta, Valenzuela City. She is an Occupational Therapist at a Special School for Children.

The winner said that it was not her habit to view the Ka-Toque show but when she saw the CDO Liver Spread Cooking portion with its different style of cooking using CDO Liver Spread, it brought out her enthusiasm to use the recipes for her family.

Every Saturday she would watch the Ka-Toque show to learn new recipes using the CDO Liver Spread. It was not just the recipes she would watch for but also the weekly trivia promo that she would answer by texting the featured recipes of CDO Liver Spread.

Every week she listed and tried the recipes she got from the show and also waited for the announcement of weekly winners of CDO Gift Certificates but her hopes would come to an end as she wouldn't see her name. On Oct. 13, 2006, the Grand Winner of the CDO Liver Spread Text promo was drawn and it was her name that came out on tv as the grand winner of P 50,000 cash and kitchenware showcase.

Now, with her cash and kitchenware showcase, she is ready to share the recipes she learned from the CDO Liver Spread Alam na Alam Hanap Ni MOM Cooking Portion.

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