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ABS-CBN Airs Educational Puppet Show June 13, 2007

ABS-CBN premiered recently an educational puppet show that is guaranteed to appeal to pre-school kids and even older children because of its mix of artistic graphics, animation, special effects and wonderful storytelling.

Titled Sirit!, the 30-minute show aired on Saturdays at 7:50 a.m. promises to be the most popular TV series for Filipino kids yearning for stories that carry important ideas that will enrich their intellect and experience.

The show follows the interesting adventures of boy and girl hand puppets Bi and Bo as they seek answers, uncover new worlds, unlock mysteries and discover their abilities, oftentimes with the help of their amiable and pretty Ate.

Marisa Criselda Consuji plays the role of Ate, a live-action character that will surely charm Sirit!'s audience with her amiable face and beautiful smile as she provides riddles and directions to Bi and Bo in every episode which will feature board game like sequence of events.

A board game appears as an animated map of a house interior or exterior, a school, a playground, a neighborhood, a farm, a city street, a forest, a place under the sea, or any natural environment of a child. A number of hand puppet such as "Ting" (cat), "Ta" (dog) and "Twit" (bird) will join the sister-brother tandem of Bi and Bo in their adventures.

The informative show was specifically developed for young children and was based on a set of teaching goals that touch every aspect of child's development, including intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral.

Sirit! aims to enhance the holistic development of the children. This also promotes receptive skills such as reading via picture cues and listening as well as expressive language skills such as writing and talking.

The show is interactive. It is a combination of puppetry, live action and simple animation.

The show employs a team of talented artists who used well-crafted materials, writers who weave game concepts, riddles and stories to relay important messages that kids will surely learn from, and songwriters who compose nursery rhymes and songs that will soon become household melodies.

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