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Hotdog Maker Supports Full Development of Pre-school Kids March 31, 2011

Food firm CDO-Foodsphere Inc., the manufacturer behind the popular hotdog brand Bibbo Cheesedog, is motivating a new breed of pre-school Pinoy kids to grow healthy and responsible in this age of gadgets and modern communication.

Bibbo Cheesedog, supports the full development of Pinoy kids into becoming physically fit, socially active, mentally alert, emotionally sound, and morally responsible children who will, upon reaching adulthood, become model citizens of this nation.

As today's kids get to absorb various messages and values from multi-media with the advent of the Internet, video games, and mobile phones, Bibbo Cheesedog took an important step in tapping the powerful medium of television to boost its mission.

CDO-Foodsphere Inc. has partnered with leading broadcast network GMA 7 for a groundbreaking educational television show that makes learning exciting and inspires kids to become friendly, self confident, honest to other people, cooperative and responsible.

The show, entitled Batang Bibbo! is the first educational show locally produced for kids on Philippine television. This weekly 30-minute interactive show, specifically designed for Filipino children with ages three to six years, will start airing over GMA 7 every Saturday, from 8:30 am to 9:00 am., on November 8.

Batang Bibbo! was developed for young children and was based on a set of teaching goals that touch every aspect of child's development, including intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral.

Launched in 2002, Bibbo Cheesedog has quickly gained following among Filipino homes and is now considered the most popular cheesedog brand among young kids. It is manufactured by CDO, the brand of choice when it comes to processed meat products.

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