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CDO Instills Good Values Among Kids Through TV CommercialAUGUST 13, 2007 - Monday

A HOTDOG maker took a big step towards instilling good values among children, when it launched a TV commercial showing young kids forming a squad to clean a community park, a selfless act that the ad wants others to follow.

Effective and inspiring, the ad moved away from using celebrity endorsers to promoting good values, which is rare in the local ad industry.

The 30-second commercial of CDO Idol Cheesedog begins with a group of grade schoolers having fun and enjoying playtime with each other.

At first, these kids who have established a group identity appear to be preparing for a competition, making secrete codes and sign languages.

Equipped with cleaning tools and camaraderie, it becomes clear that these alert and animated ids are actually raring to do a community service - that of cleaning their neighborhood park.

Catchy and lively, the Barkadang Idol Go (BIG) commercial of CDO Idol Cheesedog went beyond the barkada concept to endorsing other lofty ideas such as community service. It also gives importance to the mom who prepares the food for them.

Just by watching the commercial, young viewers can easily imbibe good traits such being gallant, selfless, caring, helpful, supportive, active, loving and respectful.

"Despite the fact that kids now are interested to become 'artista', we still want and we believe that it is best to focus and show positive values," said Ana Uranza, brand manager of CDO Idol Hotdog

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