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CDO on Good Values and Good Faith March 31, 2011

The March 12 ‘Jan-Jan’ controversy that occurred on TV5’s Willing- Willie has, no doubt, jolted us out of our comfort zones as an advertiser in the top-rating show. CDO, as the manufacturer of good, healthy food for the healthy Filipino family, is after all against abuse and exploitation. While we are not in the position to pass judgment on the incident --which is now under investigation led by the network’s Chief Legal Counsel & Chief Operating Officer-- we would like to be assured that our name will not be associated with dire acts.

So after a lengthy, productive conference with TV5, we arrived at an agreement that the station could use some improvements when it comes to sensitivity in its programming. Such as installing an internal ombudsman in the station, and being more stringent in contestant screening sessions in compliance with KBP rules. We were assured by TV5 that these changes will be made immediately.

Maintaining good faith in our word, we have decided to continue our sponsorship with TV5 until the end of our prior advertising commitment with them. Not withdrawing does not mean CDO will tolerate the show or its host to go against the values we stand for. We believe that issues can be addressed through dialogues with utmost objectivity and temperance. Let us sow love and not provoke anger in these controversies.

In the middle of this, we guarantee you that we will continue to nourish the Filipino family not only through good food but also by promoting good values. We thank you fors your continuous support and trust.

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