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CDO and GMA-7 Launch New Educational Show Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meat Processing firm CDO-Foodsphere Inc., teams up with GMA-7 for a new educational show geared for Filipino preschool children aged three to six.

It aims to develop the social skills and language enriching methods that are curriculum-based, age-appropriate and culturally-enriching.

The show features boy and girl, puppets, BI and Bo, in the magical learning place called 'Bibbolandia' where they will meet new friends, learn new things and develop new skills.

They are joined by Ate Anne (played by Anne Barcelo) who will help them solve simple problems and take them to new worlds of learning and discovery through her fascinating songs and stories.

Combining puppetry, songs animation, storytelling, and live action, the show also seeks to promote the proper use of the Filipino language.

It will also highlight constructive interpersonal skills like sharing, helping, taking turns, making sponsorship and other social skills.

Batang Bibbo! Starts airing today, November 8, 8:30 to 9 am., over GMA-7.

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