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What makes CDO Holiday Ham Special

During the medieval times, whenever king had their feasts, pork leg ham would be the main course. Then, only royalties and wealthy merchants could get a taste of this carefully cured meat product all year-round. Commoners could partake of the pork leg ham, only during festivities commemorating victories over crucial battle or emancipation from foreign invaders.

The pork leg ham came to be known as the main attraction during feasts in celebration of these grand events. This tradition was passed on from one generation to another until the modern times. Today, we prefer to have the succulent pork leg ham on the dining table in celebration of the grandest event of all - the birth of the King of all kings who saved us from doom.

As the Christmas season nears, CDO-Foodsphere Inc., is one with the world in celebrating the birth of the Lord, as the company offers a special ham ideal for Noche Buena.

The CDO Holiday Ham is the flagship Christmas ham product of the 30-year-old meat manufacturing company. The traditional ham, which is made from whole pork leg muscle, comes in deboned or bone-intact form.

CDO Holiday Ham is considered as the premium type of ham because of its goal looks, lean meat and savory taste.

To sustain the good quality of CDO Holiday Ham, the company makes sure that all materials, ingredients, and processes used are in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

From the selection of its raw materials, it should pass evaluation and is tested physically and microbiologically. All meat deliveries must also pass through as representative from the National Meat Inspection Service.

After the meat selection, unwanted parts are removed, leaving only lean meat. This lean meat is brought to the automatic injector machine and pumped with solution for zesty flavor. Next, the meat is chilled in a curing room, allowing ingredients to react with meat pigments developing a pinkish red color.

When the meat is already cured, it is massaged until it becomes tender, without fracturing its muscles, and keeps its mixed juices and flavor.

Subsequently, the meat is placed in a ham net that forms the shape of the ham and is brought to the smokehouse for drying and smoking.

Later on, the smoked ham is cooked using a special solution and placed in a chiller to lower down its temperature and remove non-edible parts.

Finally, the cooked ham is glazed with sugar, sprinkled on top of the ham is subject to high temperature to caramelize, adding up flavor and making it more appetizing.

"Over the years, CDO has perfected the art of meat processing, gathering a wealth of experience, resources and insights. The company takes pride as it post consisted robust growth, from year to year," says CDO senior marketing manager Jonathan Bendicion.

With Christmas just around the corner, isn't there any better way to plan your Noche Buena feast than to include CDO Holiday ham in your shopping list?

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