Odyssey Foundation Incorporated

Odyssey is a non-profit organization created to formally continue providing individuals new hope into their lives by giving aid and assistance. It gears to provide nourishment to less fortunate Filipinos, child and youth welfare development, livelihood enhancement programs, and health and nutrition advocacy and promotion.

With these, Odyssey Foundation, Inc. hope to promote, support and finance nutrition programs to enhance the well-being of our fellow men, women and children in dire need of assistance. It also yearns to help alleviate the quality of the Filipino lives in giving assistance to various communities.

And with the accreditation of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), OFI shall receive grants, gifts, legacies, donations and financial aids and loans to assist in the operation of this noble effort of providing new hopes to the less fortunate.


Odyssey Foundation, Inc. (OFI) is envisioned as the corporate social responsibility arm of food manufacturing firm Foodsphere Inc. As a CSR unit, OFI serves as a catalyst of social development that benefits the less privileged and marginalized members of our society.


OFI is mandated to develop programs concerning children nourishment, childcare and education, livelihood enhancement and health and nutritional advocacy, and to generate funds via solicitations and fund-raising activities to support its programs.

It is guided by the general framework of social development, firmly anchored on its principle of giving something back to the community.

Five Pillars of Branded Services

Core Program

GABAY BUHAY Supplemental Feeding Project

Gabay Buhay Supplemental Feeding Project is the maiden initiative of Odyssey Foundation Inc., It is a community-based project and private sector effort to help curb malnutrition among Filipino children. Gabay Buhay chose Valenzuela City as a launching hub of this noteworthy endeavor since it is where the headquarters of OFI is located. In coordination with City Nutrition Council, prevalence of malnutrition among preschool children is pervasive in the area. The project was launched on June 4, 2005 in Barangay Paso de Blas with 116 malnourished children enrolled.

Upcoming Programs


Efforts to tie up with other Institutions and Foundations have been in processed to establish partnership in conducting livelihood trainings and seminars to parents of beneficiaries of Gabay Buhay Supplemental Feeding Program. It is anchored in an effort to sustain the nutritional needs as well as the basic needs of their children after the implementation of the feeding program.


This is a tie-up project with United Laboratories Incorporated (UNILAB) which aims to lessen incidents of infant and maternal mortality rate. This will be composed of trainings and seminars for the Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) and Barangay Health Workers (BHW) to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their skills in responding to these cases. Valenzuela City would be the pilot area of the project.



The OFI Team

Contact Details

Odyssey Foundation, Inc.
5/F CDO Corporate Center
560 West Service Road, Paso de Blas,
Valenzuela City 1442 Philippines
T: +632.5885900 local 156