Hungarian Goulash with CDO Liver Spread


3 strips fatty bacon, chopped  
700g beef chuck  
1 tsp. salt  
2 pcs. onions, chopped  
1 rib celery, chopped  
1 head of garlic, peeled (whole cloves)  
2 tbsps. sweet hungarian paprika (Imported)  
2 bay leaves 
750 ml. beef stock  
2 pcs. tomatoes, crushed
1 small can CDO Liver Spread  
2 large potatoes, peeled and diced  
1 large carrot, peeled and diced
300g sliced hungarian sausage  
¼ tsp. black pepper 
parsley, chopped
1 egg 
6 tbsps. all-purpose flour  
1 tsp salt
sour cream



1. Heat a saucepot over medium heat then add in the bacon to render the fat then take out the bacon bits to prevent it from burning.  
2. Cut beef into 1" squares, add ½ tsp salt. Chop onions, celery and garlic cloves then slightly brown them in the bacon fat, add beef and sweet hungarian paprika. Pour in the beef stock, bay leaves and crushed tomatoes then cover it and let it simmer along with salt and paprika for 1 hour over low heat.  
3. Whisk in the CDO Liver Spread then add diced potatoes, carrots, hungarian sausage.  Season with black pepper, parsley and remaining salt. Cover and simmer until potatoes are done and meat is tender.  
4. Prepare egg dumpling batter: Add flour to unbeaten egg and salt. Mix well. Let stand for ½ hour for flour to mellow. Drop a teaspoonful into goulash.  
5. Cover and simmer 5 minutes after dumplings rise to surface. Serve hot with dollops of sour cream.