Monte Cristo Sandwich with CDO Pista Ham


½ tbsp. mustard  
2 slices ½ inch thick sourdough or French bread  
1 tbsp. apricot jam/preserves  
2 slices of CDO Pista Ham  
1 slice of Manchego cheese*  
1 large egg  
2 tbsps. butter     


1. Spread mustard on 1 slice of bread and spread apricot jam/preserve on the other slice.  
2. Place cheese on top of bread with mustard.  
3. Place CDO Pista Ham slices on top of the cheese and cover with the other bread slice.  
4. Beat eggs in shallow bowl and dip sandwich in it making sure to coat it all over.  
5. Melt butter in pan and fry sandwich on all sides until golden brown and the cheese has melted.        

*Substitute for Manchego cheese: parmesan, gouda, cheddar or monterey jack cheese.