Brown Chicken Hotdogs
Holiday Chicken

Holiday Chicken Hotdog

Holiday Chicken Hotdog not only ranks high as a great-tasting festivity mainstay. It also boasts of its healthful goodness. This makes it a perfect chicken hotdog product for foodservice or a delicious meal that very well suits the health and price conscious mass market.

Variants Pack Size
Regular 250g
Jumbo  500g
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CDO Sesame Hotdog

CDO Sesame hotdog is an affordable red hotdog that is carefully formulated to have that exquisite hotdog juiciness that everyone loves. The combination of its wide array of sizes, good quality, and affordability makes it a perfect product for smart entrepreneurs who own food stalls or food carts. Also available in a sweetcorn variant.

SKU Variant Packing Size Barcode Weight Per Box Box Shelf Life Boxes Per Pallet
Product Box Dimension(mm) Cubic Meter
Chicken Hotdog Regular l.0kg l.0kg x 12 packs 4-800249-005974 14-800249-005971 12 kg 320x295x215 0.0203 180 days 55
Chicken Hotdog Jumbo 500g 500g x 12 packs 4-800249-005981 14-800249-005988 6kg 2554205x200 0.0105 180 days 95
Chicken Hotdog Jumbo l.0kg l.0kg x 9 packs 4-800249-005998 14-800249-005995 9 kg 320x295x215 0.0203 180 days 55

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